Let's Face it.

I feel you, I've been where you are. But guess what? THERE IS A BETTER WAY!


Establish a killer brand + social media that speaks directly to your dream client (*Hint - there’s A LOT more to it than just Instagram Likes)

Create strategic offers (based on where you are NOW and where you're headed) that your ideal client can’t wait to get their hands on

Implement strategic systems that keep your business flowing with ease while growing your community and generating consistent 5 figure months.



That's right. This ish is PERSONAL.

See that chick? She was stressed AF because her business felt "busier than ever" but she still had little ($) to show for it. She was pouring her energy into social media “strategies” that just DIDN'T work, downloading all the free guides, and listening to the podcasts.  She was caught up in the hustle of 1:1 clients and trying to structure her business like everyone else. She was terrified of taking time off without her business falling apart. She had ZERO work life balance (hello adrenal fatigue) and at one point she was so fed up that she considered throwing in the towel on her dream and returning to corporate. *SIGH*

What changed? EVERYTHING. I learned out how to structure my business, package my offers, and develop a launch strategy that felt ALIGNED AF. I started attracting my DREAM clients around the clock and in less than a year, I went from $2k Months to consistent $10-$15k months. Oh, and I also got my life back.

Now I'm sharing the entire process with you so you can build the online business of your dreams and start living the life you deserve

I created Signature Course Accelerator Because I've been in your shoes....

Take Your Online Business From #trying to #THRIVING

YES! I'm REady!


➜ You had a CLEAR strategy and kickass community to show you how to turn your passion and expertise into a thriving online business that generates $5k-10k months

➜ You felt confident in your brand, your niche, your offers, and your ability to communicate and sell to your ideal client online

➜ You had a launch strategy that felt aligned and had your ideal clients lining up to work with you (no more guesswork and wasting time on soul sucking strategies)

➜ You had a client magnet + the strategic systems to grow your audience and sell with ease (less chase, more chill because the number of "followers" does NOT matter)

➜You were living financially free by doing what you love and helping others

Close your eyes and Imagine if....?

your one stop shop for getting more dream clients, and building a 6 figure online business that feels aligned AF.

Running an online business isn't as easy as creating a website, posting once on IG, and watching the clients throw their credit cards at you while you alternate between mid day yoga classes and binging Ginny & Georgia on Netflix. If it was, everyone would do it, agree?

Maybe you've been curious about this online business thing for a hot second or maybe 2020 put the fire under your butt to start taking action (#thankscovid), either way, you've realized that although it sounds great, you don’t know what the heck to sell, how to sell it, or where to find the dream clients that actually want to buy it. You're completely lost on how to execute.

Or maybe you've been at it for a few months or a few years but the growth you see literally EVERYONE else having, just isn't happening for you. You wake up anxious AF, rush to get a post up on IG (that no one engages with), and spend the entire day bouncing between discovery calls and 1:1 client calls (giving away ALL of your time). You have SO many fresh ideas and plans to scale, but there's no time for anything extra. You go to bed feeling defeated, only to wake up and do it allllll over again. 
And by the way, all this hard work hasn’t added up to sold out launches, a calendar full of paying clients, and 5 figure months yet either.

You’ve been working your butt off trying to get results in your business, but most days, you’re not even sure if you’re doing it right. You certainly haven’t experienced the clients and the income you expected, have you?

You feel stuck, exhausted from spinning your wheels day in and day out. You’d love more clients, but you're constantly comparing yourself to everyone else on the internet and imposter syndrome shows up daily.

You think the solution is to work harder but how is that even possible? You're already burning the midnight hour, skipping dinner with your partner and weekends with your friends....

You can’t spend the rest of your life like this, nor do you want too. Something has to change.

You need a way to have a successful, intentional, and profitable AF business WHILE still being able to live your life, but at the rate things are going, it feels damn near impossible.


Signature Course


They did it, so can you!

Meet Raudhah Rahman

"I have been in SCA for about 4 months and it has been absolutely tremendous to see my vision board start to come to life! It's SO surreal that it's actually HAPPENING and I am profiting from my passion. The weekly support from Heather & Meredith gave us the strategy and skills to show up on an online platform (as ourselves) in order to attract the clients we wanted to work with.  In less than TWO MONTHS I created a Masterclass, attracted 1:1 clients, and started generating $4K months.

UPDATE: Since recording this video Raudhah has officially had her FIRST $10k Month!

Meet niche faulkner

"It has been a Godsend to find Heather & Meredith. They are both a wealth of knowledge and they give that knowledge so freely. One of the biggest achievements I have had so far is launching my offers and actually having people sign up and PAY me. The best part about it is I don't have to do this ALONE. I have the support from the other women in the group + guest speakers Heather brings in to teach. If you are hesitating about joining SCA...DON'T! Just do it. It's the right thing! "

UPDATE: Since recording this video Niche has pivoted, launched multiple offers, and attracted 1:1 clients!

Meet Bonnie Weeks

"Deciding to work with Heather as my business coach was absolutely vital in getting me to where I am. I wanted someone that had tools and strategy to grow that at the time, I didn't have. She showed up for me every week, let me be emotional, and celebrated my wins. Taking the time to invest in yourself and your business, when you are ready and you do it, it changes EVERYTHING. She was the person that did it for me and I am grateful she is a part of my story!"

-Mckenzie c.


"I met Heather at a networking event and was immediately drawn to her before I even knew what did she for a living. She has such a warm inviting energy that just pulls you in and made it such an easy decision to work with her. Heather has helped me take an idea and make it into a reality by guiding me through each step and giving the most helpful and encouraging feedback every step of the way. I rave about heather to anyone who will listen!!!"

Are you the type of person that likes to know the details? Then let's take a tour of SCA, shall we?




See what's in module 1

Module 1

Connect with your intention (aka your WHY) so you can show up and stand out in a digital world

Position yourself as a confident leader in your industry 

The 4 M's + Manifestation & journaling Practices

Intention Setting, Mindset, & Preparing for Success


Re-visit your niche & branding + brand voice (would you follow you?)

Ideal Client

module 2

Tune Up

See what's in module 1


A VITAL PART OF THE PROCESS where you will dive into your current business, your strengths, your audience, your offers + sales and any other data necessary in order to build your successful online business plan.

SCA Flow Chart to decide what offer to create first

module 3

Structuring Your Online Business

See what's in module 1


General engaging content

Serve before you sell content

Content Buckets System

module 4


See what's in module 1

module 5

What makes a course sell/flop 

Audience Assesment

module 5

Pre-Course Creation

See what's in module 1

module 6

3 best ways to validate your course before you create it

Solidify your course idea and main promise

Market Research

Confidence to move forward and create + know/trust it will sell.

module 6

Validating Your Offer Idea

See what's in module 1

module 7

Course Curriculum Training with SCA Community Manager Meredith Thomason

The SCA offer Creation Bucket System

Naming and pricing your offer

module 7

Outlining Your Offer

See what's in module 1


Lead magnet creation (different types of free offers and how to decide which one is best for YOU)

Creating your email sequence

Launching and promoting your free offers

module 8

Systems + Scaling

See what's in module 1


Pick your recording strategy that best suits your experience

The art of teaching your digital course that gets better results

Sell before you create

module 9

Recording Your Course

See what's in module 1

Module 10

The real reason you're here! To launch and make sales!

Launch Levels

All the google sheets your heart could ever ask for (Launch Calendar, Tracking Data, Live Launch playbook, and more!)

Sales Page Creation

Sales Calls + Non Salesy Sales

module 10

Launching Your Course

See what's in module 1

Module 11

Pinterest marketing, Facebook Ads, SEO, Website, Marketing Hacks & More! We are constantly adding to this section based off YOUR needs!


All the things you never knew you needed!

See what's in module 1


➜ Instant Access to your SCA Family

➜ Weekly group coaching calls with ME + Industry Experts!

➜ Exclusive Access to the Private SCA Community Facebook Group where you'll have all your questions answered within hours of posting + daily accountability from myself + the other women in the group.

➜ Online Course Content (videos, PDFs, templates, spreadsheets, you name it, we got it!)

➜ Manifestation + Client Attraction practices

➜ Endless networking, brainstorming, and collaborating.

You were meant for more.

Get ready for your business to be   

 of where it is now. Get ready to have a clear brand, offers that SELL, and the strategic systems to grow your audience + scale your business to six figures and beyond.


One hundred steps ahead

What's Included:

Welcome to the beginning of a new, abundant chapter in your life. *Pops Champagne*


See what results past/current students have had...

Still not sure?

➜ You’re a coach, blogger, influencer or online entrepreneur that's ready to take their business to the next level (reach more people and make more money)

➜ You undercharge and struggle to charge what you deserve

➜ You have the ideas, but you need a roadmap + guidance to get there

➜ You're aways posting on social media but no one is engaging or buying what you're selling

➜ You're coachable, and ready to do the work that it takes to build a successful, impactful, 6 figure online business.

I believe in living a life of intention, and why should your busines be any different? 

Are you a victim of imposter syndrome? Are you afraid to go after what you want because of the fear of being judged by others? Are you constantly talking yourself out of your dreams because you think you’re not “qualified” enough?

What you're missing is support.

Throughout the duration of this program you'll also work on your MINDSET to help your overcome your “stories” and break through your self limiting beliefs so you can step fully into your power.


Goals + Intention + Strategy = Results

SCA is perfect for you if...

I'm in!


Q: How long is the course?

SCA is an ONGOING (as in never ending unless I decide to leave the internet) group coaching program. It's the FIRST of its kind. We onyl enroll for SCA TWO times a year but when you join SCA you're in for life. Spring enrollment with be May 11th - June 15th.

Read the FAQ


Q: How long will I have access to the course content? Does it expire?

A: You'll have access to the content for life! So if you join now, it’s yours forever and we are constantly updating it to be the best it can be!


Read the FAQ

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A.   Yes! We can chat more about the payment options once we decide that you're a good fit for us, and us for you.


Read the FAQ

Yo! I'm Heather, an online business mentor that’s obsessed with teaching people how to earn a living doing what they love, in a way that feels GOOD for THEM.

A few years ago I was the chick that couldn’t wait to graduate college so I could dive head first into the real world, FINALLY throw away my bartending sneakers (ew) and get my first BIG GIRL job in corporate America.

It didn't take long for me to realize that the corporate gig just wasn't for me. I craved more passion, purpose, and creative work. So I took the leap, quit the job and dove head first into digital entrepreneurship. I started using social media as an outlet to express my creativity and quickly grew a personal brand in the yoga and fitness space. I saw an opportunity to build something epic online so I went at it full force.

A year later I created and sold a yoga training program that helped other yogis learn how to handstand. It was my first experience with monetizing my passion and I was eager for more. As I grew, so did my mission and it didn’t take me long to realize that my real passion wasn’t in teaching yoga, but in teaching others how to build a thriving online business and share their gifts with the world. SO here we are

Since then I have worked with over 100 people wordwide and helped them step into their power and build intentional online businesses that are fueled by passion and a burning desire to make the world a better place. 

And I can't wait for YOU to be one of them. XO HB

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