Let me Guess....

I feel you, I've been there. 


Establish a killer brand + social media that speaks directly to your dream client (*Hint - there’s A LOT more to it than just Instagram Likes)

Create a Signature, high ticket offer that solves a SPECIFIC problem that your ideal client can’t wait to get their hands on

Implement strategic systems that keep your business flowing and help generate consistent 5 figure months.

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See that chick? She was stressed AF because she felt busier than ever but still had nothing to show for it. She was pouring energy into social media “strategies” like instagram pods (if you know, you know) and other tricks to "beat the algorithm". She was caught up in the hustle of 1:1 clients and was terrified of taking time off without her business falling apart. She had ZERO work life balance (hello adrenal fatigue) and at one point she was so fed up that she considered throwing in the towel on her love for serving others and going back to corporate. *SIGH*

What changed? EVERYTHING. I figured out how to package my expertise into a high ticket, signature offer that allowed me to serve MORE, work LESS, and still have time to live my life. Oh, and it also helped my TRIPLE my income in 3 months. 

And  now I'm sharing the entire process with you so you can get on the path to crushing it in 90 days.

I created Signature Course Accelerator Because I've been in your shoes....

Learn how to package and sell
your brilliance & scale your business online.

YES! I'm REady!


➜ You had a CLEAR strategy for how to turn your passion and expertise into a thriving online business.

➜ You felt confident in your brand, your niche, and how to communicate with your ideal client online.

➜ You had your OWN, high ticket, signature course or program that your ideal client couldn't wait to get their hands on.

➜ You had a client magnet + the strategic systems to keep your clients consistently coming to YOU. (aka less chase, more chill). 

➜You were living financially free by helping others (sup 5 figure month club)

What if....?

In Signature Course Accelerator you're going to learn my 3 Step Methodology for creating an intentional, profitable, online business in 12 weeks flat.  

You're a great coach, but you're struggling to get clients

Your business isn’t bringing in consistent revenue and you’re one rejection away from throwing in the towel

You’re caught up in the hustle of 1:1 clients and promoting other peoples products for a living

Your current marketing strategies aren't working, resulting in wasted time and ZERO clients

Your business is making less than $5k per month on average

You lack the systems and strategies to scale your business and STOP trading time for money

- Cara M.

What Past CLients are Saying about SCA

"Choosing to work with Heather has been the BEST decision for my business! She has a wealth of knowledge, and brings with it the energy and encouragement that I have needed to launch. Before working with Heather, I was very unsure of myself and what I was going to do, but I knew I had a vision. Heather's courses, content, and one on one coaching have helped me get clear on my passion and niche, formulate the content for my business and how to deliver it, and given me the inspiration I need to continue developing. She goes above and beyond, even helping me with some design elements, and constantly giving me helpful feedback to help me grow. She is so motivating and inspiring! I can't recommend her highly enough!!"

- rachel d.


"I started by following Heather on insta and loved her vibes. Then, when she launched her first course Profitable Niche, I engaged with her on a more personable level by being in live trainings and support group. I loved the way she delivered her strategies and was grateful for the knowledge that I gained. When I saw she was doing one on one coaching, I decided to hop on the opportunity to dive into ideas that I had. She helped me to bring my ideas into fruition by giving me the strategies and tools to make it happen. She is also very sweet and accommodating of my schedule. I definitely recommend Heather to anyone trying to rock out their business!"

-Mckenzie c.


"I met Heather at a networking event and was immediately drawn to her before I even knew what did she for a living. She has such a warm inviting energy that just pulls you in and made it such an easy decision to work with her. Heather has helped me take an idea and make it into a reality by guiding me through each step and giving the most helpful and encouraging feedback every step of the way. I rave about heather to anyone who will listen!!!"

Are you the type of person that likes to know the details? Then let's take a tour of SCA, shall we?




See what's in module 1

Module 1

Connect with your intention (aka your WHY) so you can show up and stand out in a digital world

Position yourself as a confident leader in your industry 

Pick ONE, specific, desire problem to solve and have your ideal clients knocking down doors to work with you.

Intention Setting +
Dominate Your Niche


Establish clarity around your brand + brand voice

Web design, SEO, and overall brand aesthetics.

module 2

Build Your Brand

See what's in module 1


Define WHO your ideal client is and how to communicate with them on social media

Connect with your ideal client in a way that results in a seamless sales process

Build your exclusive online Community to connect and "serve before you sell"

module 3

Ideal Client

See what's in module 1


Position yourself as an expert by crafting a signature service that solves the problem people are craving to solve

Price your offer accordingly ($1K or higher)

Build out your offer

module 4

Creating + Packaging Your Signature Offer

See what's in module 1

module 5

Rock your Sales Calls 

Communicate your worth + value

Organize leads and follow up 

module 5

“Feel Good” Sales 

See what's in module 1

module 6

Creating SPECIFIC content for your niche and ideal client

Creating Content for your offer

Content Batching

Organic social media growth strategies (Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest).

module 6

Organic Marketing

See what's in module 1

module 7

Creating your Lead Magnet + email sequence

Organic and Evergreen marketing + how/when to implement both

Designing the Perfect Sales Page (even if you hate writing) :)

module 7

Strategic Marketing

See what's in module 1


My ‘secret weapon’ for creating game changing sales funnels

How to implement strategic systems in your business so you can work smarter and never hunt down clients again

Paid Ad Strategy (Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest)

module 8

Scaling + Systems

See what's in module 1


Legitimizing your business

Organization within your business

Outsourcing/ hiring interns

module 9

Being a Boss + Outsourcing

See what's in module 1

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You were meant for more.

In 90 days, your online business will be 

 of where it is now. You will have a clear brand, a high ticket signature offer, and the strategic systems to scale your business to six figures and beyond.


One hundred steps ahead

What's Included:

Welcome to the beginning of a new, abundant chapter in your life. *Pops Champagne*

im in!


“Working with Heather was amazing! She really helped me think outside the box and come out of my shell when creating my yoga events. She talks to you as a friend and genuinely cares about you, your life, and the impact you make. Looking forward to future sessions and continuing on as a loyal client!”

Just ask these ladies

-Natalie M.

“I was in a place months ago where I felt stuck, uninspired and worst of all, alone. It was during that time that I found Heather. There was something about her energy that felt like magic. From the very first call, I felt hopeful and excited. I felt like I had a plan. Week after week, our calls pushed me forward. Heather has a natural way of being enthusiastic and motivating, and her thought provoking questions kept me honest about where I was holding back and why. Her approach is a powerful blend of honesty and care with a good helping of the real talk needed to stop hiding and start living BIG. At the end of the 12 weeks with Heather, I have a finished book to publish, workshops I am currently promoting, and project plans for the next year. She was the recharge of energy and belief that I so needed. I am beyond grateful!”

Just ask these ladies

-Alexandra D.

“I am so grateful for connecting with this woman. I followed her for years on Instagram and I knew she was someone that could help me reach my goals. And I was right. Being a yoga teacher is my passion but it isn’t the most lucrative. I wanted to create a well rounded business and be able to offer more to my students but for some reason, thought all of my ideas weren’t “good enough”. In the 12 weeks I worked with Heather she helped me break through those self limiting beliefs, launch a yoga program(!!), host 2 workshops (that turned into long term studio partnerships!) and establish a brand for my business on social media. I am excited to continue working with her and grow my business even more."

Just ask these ladies

You’re a coach, blogger, influencer or online entrepreneur that's not seeing the results they want in their business.

➜ You're overwhelmed with all of the podcasts, books, online courses and searching for tangible steps on how to scale.

➜ Your income goal is to earn at least $2-5K per month consistently with your business.

➜ You want the templates, behind the scenes and inside scoop into how Heather built a 6 figure online coaching business in one year flat. 

I believe in living a life of intention, and why should our hustle be any different? 

Are you a victim of imposter syndrome? Are you afraid to go after what you want because of the fear of being judged by others? Are you constantly talking yourself out of your dreams because you think you’re not “qualified” enough?

What you're missing is support.

Throughout the duration of this program you'll also work on your MINDSET to help your overcome your “stories” and break through your self limiting beliefs so you can step fully into your power.


Goals + Intention + Strategy = Results

Is SCA a good fit for you?

I'm in!

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Q: What if I'm not a coach and I don't currently have an online business?

Hey friend! No worries. This program is primarily focused on building and scaling your service- based online business through a signature offer, program, and/or course. However, it will teach you the strategic systems to grow a business whether you are a blogger, coach, or online entrepreneur! Either way, you'll get tons of value to reach your next level.

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Q: How long will I have access to the course content? Does it expire?

A: You'll have access to the content for life! So if you join now, it’s yours forever. 


Read the FAQ

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A.   Yes! Payment plans are available!


Read the FAQ

I’m an online business mentor that’s obsessed with teaching people how to earn a living doing what they love (without giving up their social life).

A few years ago I was the chick that couldn’t wait to graduate college so I could dive head first into the real world, FINALLY throw away my bartending sneakers (ew) and get my first BIG GIRL job in corporate America.
It sounds crazy, I know, but what can I say, I’m an Ennegram 3 wing 4 (aka an achiever/individualist) that also happens to be a Capricorn with a Pitta Dosha (if you have absolutely no idea what any of that means- let’s just say I am a hustler by nature that tends to find much of my identity in my work and is extremely task-focused. 
Basically, I like success and I like it delivered. 

It didn't take long for me to realize that the corporate gig just wasn't for me. I craved more passion, purpose, and creative work. So I took the leap, quit the job and dove head first into digital entrepreneurship. I started using social media as an outlet to express my creativity and quickly grew a personal brand in the yoga and fitness space. I saw an opportunity to build something epic online so I went at it full force. A year later I created and sold a yoga training program that helped other yogis learn how to handstand. It was my first experience with monetizing my passion and I was eager for more. As I grew, so did my mission and it didn’t take me long to realize that my real passion wasn’t in teaching yoga, but in teaching others how to build a thriving online business and share their gifts with the world. SO here we are. 

Since then I have been working with women all over the world to help them step into their power and build intentional online businesses that are fueled by passion and a burning desire to make the world a better place. 

And I can't wait for YOU to be one of them! 

A little blurb about Heather.

Let's do this!

I'm Ready!

See you inside. :)


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